Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Since we've been home

Joy is 6 months old!
15.10 lbs
24 inches long
50% all around!

She is doing great...still not sleeping all the way through the night...but its coming soon. I can feel it! Geez I hope so anyway. She is eating food, trying to learn to take a bottle, rolling over across the room and smiling and talking to her sister Rose all the time!

These are my girls! They are sooo Fun! This is Rose and her Horse Penny. I am honeslty not convinced she knows this is not a "real" horse. Penny is probably her best friend!

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Lauren said...

Is the horse Penny going to the potty? Or is that where she lives? Ha. I need to say that it is ABOUT TIME you updated. I will keep trying to hold you accountable. Oh... and believe it or not Norrah is taller than Joy. I mean, look at thier parents - but you know Norrah is a pipsqueak. GET SOME SLEEP... Norrah needs to talk to Joy about the importance of rest!!!