Friday, January 30, 2009

The Season Begins

Its that time of year again....

When I bundle up to go out in the 0 degree temps in attempt to coach a bunch of college women in the game of lacrosse. I search for a babysitter for my girls a few hours a week. It never fails that the week we start our season, the wind rages, the sky dumps snow and ice, and winter arrives! Every year I contemplate going back to coach, but every year God works out all the details and I venture on... all in all...I LOVE being an assistant Coach to my lax girls at messiah! I love each and every one of those young women and I know in my heart why I am there with them almost every day for the next few months!

Visit our website to keep up with our season....It will be nothing less than exciting this year! I know first and foremost I am a wife and mom, but deep inside of me I am also a coach and really really love it!
click on Women's Lacrosse

Much love to Feb.....

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