Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing Family

Its so hard to live so far away from my family and I am missing them SO much! Aunt evie was here for almost a month and we had the best time ever! She is SO helpful, I was in shock after she left and I realized I had to raise my kids by myself again, well Kev and I! Anyway it was hard to say bye and we are missing out Evie. The good news is Saturday we head off to STL to see everyone and spend much needed time with family!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pray for baby Austin

If there is one good thing about this blog its the fact I can spread a prayer request much faster than making a bunch of phone calls. One of my favorite families in the world needs your prayer, tonight especially, but for the next several weeks!

One of my best friends Christine was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome at 28 weeks and gave birth to her little miracle baby 12 weeks early. God has been so good. Little Austin is such a fighter. He is weighing in at about 3lbs now. Everyday is a new journey for this little man, as soon as he jumps one hurdle there seems to be no break before another one. Right now the immediate prayer request is that he is having an upper GI test in the morning because he has been having trouble maintain his feeds. There is a possibility of surgery if there is a narrowing of his intestine. Please pray that this little body does not have to go through a major surgery.

For what its worth to those out there that want to know, my life changed the day I met little Austin Rudy. I mean Ive heard of "miracle" before but my heart melted inside when I walked into the NICU and witnessed this TEENY, TINY little body whimpering for his mommy. I cannot describe it, I am NOT a writer, but God was as clear to me in that moment as night and day. I know everyone has their stories and seen amazing things, but THIS was my AMAZING thing, a MIRACLE! What God created so PERFECTLY, PRECISE, BEAUTIFUL was never so vivid to me. Life is a gift, given to us, its nothing to be taken for granted, nothing to be ungrateful for. I have been blessed with so many things, witnessed God in my life SO many times, and know how BIG my God can be! Pray for this family, for this tiny miracle baby, for his mommy and daddy who need energy and strength, and for his big sister, that they will be uplifted, rested, and continue to Praise God in the valleys and on the mountaintops over the next several weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It changes your world.

Best friends are gifts from God. And I can say with all my heart I love my friends and their kiddos. I am SO thankful for them in my life. Being a mommy isn't always easy but having friends to walk through life with makes a world of difference!