Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time flies

So I really am trying to keep up with this Blog thing, at least trying to keep some pics up every once in awhile so that all you out there that aren't blessed with our presence everyday can see what is happening with the Dennstaedt's! Its been almost a month since Halloween pictures were I will try to catch everyone up a bit.

Little Joyful is 4 months old. Time flies so fast. She is just the most precious, peaceful little 'Joy' to have around. She like and unlike her sister in so many ways. They do look somewhat similar. Joy Loves to sleep and can sleep through anything. Unlike her sister! Joy smiles and plays on her own. Unlike her sister! Joy loves to be held and lay her head on your shouder (mommy's anyway) Unlike her sister! Rose was a busy baby, always on the move, Joy is much more content and peaceful. She is just perfect. Rose was too, at the time :) I just never knew how much better it could possibly get! She is sleeping ok, waking up once a night. At her 4 month appt she weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 12 oz. 50% on all counts! She is a peanut. Unlike her sister! :)

Rose is one busy busy 2 year old. She runs constantly and I wish she could share some energy with her mommy everyday! She is speaking in paragraphs. She often looks at me and says "Im going to get something real quick, Ill be right back" hmmm sounds like someone else in this family! Always on the move, and 'real quick'! Lets just say she might look everything like her daddy but she sure acts more like her mommy! She loves to play with her friends, is obsessed with horses, loves daddy time, and playing with her sister. I need to keep a journal of our everyday adventures, they might not be adventures to you...but to us everyday if full of fun!

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