Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing catch up...

I am always trying to figure out what to put up here and how to keep up with my life by written paragraph. The past few months have been full of visitors and fun. BAMA (my mom) came out on the 8th of October and was here for 2 weeks. My baby sister Lesley drove up to visit from VT, and Aunt Duck was here for Messiah's homecoming weekend. We spent lots of time trying to enjoy the fall weather, run errands and do things that I usually dont with one set of hands, and relax!

My little Rose turned 3 in October also. What a crazy reality to know i have a 3 year old! When did that happen? Everyone always said it goes by so fast, but MAN OH MAN it goes by FAST! All she wanted was a "big girl bike" so guess what, to no surprise, her Daddy got her a big girl bike. Our basement is unfinished and one of the things we did with BAMA is to get it set up for a play area. She speeds around down there on her bike, draws on her new easel, and BAMA hung swings from the rafters :) Its pretty fun! So hopefully by the spring she will be speedy on her little bike! We spend the day at the Land of Little horses in Gettysburg, which was SO perfect for Rose! She is a horse LOVER!

Halloween was a blast! We went to our friends annual Halloween bash, where there was about 15 adults and 40 children under 3! It was hilarious to have all the kiddos dressed up! Rose was a horse (anyone suprised?) and Joy was a cow.

We went to a Ravens football game on the 1st of Nov. Kevin was in his element like nothing Ive seen before! It was a fun day with our good friends, and a break from our babies! We dont get that very often!

Most of the pics of the past month are on Kevs computer and deleted off the memory card. I need to sign in on his computer to catch everyone up with pictures! For now here are some that were taken after we got the loads of birthday pics off the camera!

We will travel to see family for Thanksgiving and be home for Christmas. I will take time over the next few weeks to try and catch everyone up with pics!

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