Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Maddness

My favorite time of the day... the most exhausting, but the best!

Things are going well in the Dennstaedt family. The girls have been sick on and off. RSV, colds, Bronchitis, CROOP, Its never just something simple. I think the only thing we haven't tracked through this house is the flu.. thank you God! We are packing up to head to Florida for a week. My team goes every spring break and this year my family will be down in Vero Beach where my grandma lives. Mom and Dad rented a beach house for my baby sisters senior spring break trip. So we will have a full house, Grandaddy and BAMA, Evie, Charley, Lesley and her 8 friends, and me and my girls! We are sad to leave Daddy behind to work! I will be able to leave my little ones with the fam and go down to West Palm and coach my team. Lets hope it all works out.

Hopefully When we return I can get some beach pics out. For now Rose has been walking around the house in this outfit, packing for the beach with her BAMA and GRANDADDY!


Kelly said...

That bath picture is sooo cute. I can't believe how much Joy has grown!!!

Louie said...

joy is so cute!!!!! she has a square head- she kinda reminds me of chuck

Louie said...

that comment was from justin....not louie

Louie said...

Louie the lancer