Friday, September 12, 2008

She is a two month old peanut

So it looks like our little "Joyful" will not follow in the same footsteps as her sister. A visit to the doctor today for her 2 month appointment made this clear. At 2 months Rose was 13.9 lbs and in the 98th percentile in all categories. Little Joy was tipping the scales today at 11 lbs and in the 50th percentile in all categories. She has not been eating that well and that is a little concerning to the doc, but we will check her progress at 3 months to make sure she is still a little sprouting bean! This little one pretty much sleeps through the night, and so you would think she is hungry during the day... Pray she gets more of an appetite and make some significant growing progress in the next month!

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Lauren said...

We will pray for Joy when we pray for Norrah to eat lots and gain weight. It is hard when the first was SO different. Izzy was chubby and always in the 90s percentile for weight. Norrah is in the 5th.

Just think Joy has 2 pounds on Norrah already. Crazy. So, I will pray for them both to be chubs and piggies. Once Norrah stops barfing from the reflux maybe she can gain some more weight. Ughhh.

Love you, Mama.